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02-14-2013, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Dr Gonzo View Post
Having a goon play 2 minutes a night just to fight someone else's goon won't change anything.

Besides, it really -should- be about winning games. That's the whole point of a hockey team. The score is what matters, not paying a guy to doll out brain damage.

Kassian is terrible. I suspect those clamoring for him haven't ever watched him play. He would hurt the team when he's on the ice since he can hardly play, and I think 30 NHL teams agree with me, or else they would have picked him up for free.
1. False. Having an EFFECTIVE enforcer out there keeps the opposition in check. They have it in the back of their minds, and I guaranty guys like McLaren and Kostka wouldn't have beaten Gorges and Gallagher up if they knew they'd have to pay for it at some point.

2. It's about being as effective as you can, for all the short, middle and long term. Gallagher's game is based on aggressiveness and pugnacity. He won't keep that up for more than 2 years if he takes too much abuse like he did the other night.

3. Kassian might be horrible with the puck, he's still can't be less useful than Armstrong. I don't care if he produces or not or if he's a defensive wizard or not. Moen and White are more than capable to play. You don't need him on the ice for 20 minutes. You need him for 5 minutes. You double shift a young guy to give him more experience after that, or you put your hottest player on that line. If someone takes a liberty on Kostka, you get your enforcer on the ice the next shift he takes, and you tell him to go abuse him. Especially when the game is lost. At least, he knows he can't do it again without retaliation.

Seriously. What game are you watching? Curling?

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