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02-14-2013, 11:54 AM
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It benefits me when more people leave early because that's fewer people I have to wait for to climb up the stairs, clogging up the concourses, etc. I still don't see the big deal.

There is a guy who sits behind me who goes bat**** over people leaving early. He actually taunts people as they go up the stairs. A few times people have stopped and said something back to him and one of these days he's going to taunt the wrong person and get his teeth knocked out. And it will be well deserved.

Not everyone lives the same lives as you and I. People have babysitters to relieve, tired kids to take home, work nights or weekends, have to get up early in the morning, etc. Even if they’re leaving because they’re bored or because they want to beat the traffic, it still doesn’t affect the life of anyone else and it only affects your enjoyment of the game if you let it.

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