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02-14-2013, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by PensFan6687 View Post
My dad has terminal cancer. He has weeks, and at most a month at this point to live. I have averaged 4 hours a night of sleep, becoming a walking breathing zombie. Losing a parent is not easy. Where am I going with this? Perspective. Prioritizing and understanding what is important and what is not.

Yes, we have experienced an ugly backlash towards our team concerning the Matt Cooke hit on Erik Karlsson. I don't want to go into how ugly the hit was or if it was intentional or not on Cooke's part. All I ask is we look at these comments made towards our team and fan base with an open and empathetic mindset. These are passionate fans who are hurting. They are going based on an emotional high. Some are just in it to cause a rukus, and love the drama. Others are basing their comments on emotions. We all know how emotions can impact our thoughts.

We can be better than this. We can be supportive, understanding, and caring. It's hard for people to be angry at a fan base that doesn't fire back. I choose to accept their anger as a way of healing. Is it the best way to get it out. Not really, but I can't speak for everyone. I can only speak for myself. I was angry that my dad was dying and honestly, it's getting me no where. I want to be happy. I choose to be happy. I suppose I needed to make this post, because I need to realize that. I need to put it out in words and really work hard on looking at what I do have.

Like our team. We have a great group of guys on this forum and we have a great franchise. We're spoiled. Yes, they can say whatever they want about our team, but we know that we didn't hurt Karlsson. We didn't want this. The team isn't playing them again until the final week of the season, so there is no purpose or value in having the Pens take out Karlsson. We know this. They can think what they want, but in the end, we know better. We can rise above this or we can be lowered to some of the negative comments made our way, which have nothing to do with the injury at all.

In the end, I don't care what some people say on the main board. It's online text fodder. I am going to focus on my time with my father and the fact we have a pretty good exciting team. And that we have no reason as a fan base to be apologetic for. I am sorry for what happened to Karlsson. I truly am, but guys get hurt all the time. I hope for a speedy recovery for their player, because guys like Erik make this game exciting. There is no value in seeing him hurt.
I'm sorry to hear that man, I truly am. Trust me when I tell you I know exactly what you're going through, so all I can do is sympathize and wish all the luck and strength in the world to you and your family.

Both my parents are gone, and I'm still only in my 30's. My Dad died in February of 04, and my mom passed away the last day of March last year after seemingly being recovered from a bypass surgery. This place was actually therapeutic for me especially during the cluster **** of a series against the Flyers. I still remember when they blew that first game and Voracek scored the OT goal: I just wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out. It had all become too much.

Anyway, all I can say is prepare yourself for a really ****** period coming up soon, but know this: it gets better. You'll never even be able to pinpoint when it happened, but everything goes back to normal and you don't even really notice it until someone points it out to you. You may feel this strange guilt for actually daring to go back to normal and enjoying your life as if nothing happened, but that goes away too.

The one thing I didn't do though, which is what your thread is really about, is blame others. I didn't blame the surgeons for screwing up, because they didn't. My mother's odds were good, but she was also up there in age and I understood that there were risks, as her heart had already been damaged by her original "mild" heart attack. I didn't lash out against anyone, and I sure as **** didn't wish harm on anyone, even though losing a parent hurts a lot more than losing your best player.

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