Thread: Speculation: Acq/ Rost. Bldg./ Cap Part XVII
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02-14-2013, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by ChibiPooky View Post
His line was not used as a top scoring line. It was line matched against the opposing top scoring line. He and Landeskog had by far the highest quality of competition on the team, with .035 for O'Reilly and .036 for Landeskog. The next closest was Downie at .014. O'Reilly's ice time increases due to the fact that he was on the top penalty killing unit. On that top penalty killing unit, he had 7% offensive zone starts, and over 27% offensive zone finishes.
He also had more ES TOI than either Stastny or Duchene. His PP TOI/G was tied with Stastny and only 3 seconds less than Duchene. He was used in every situation just as much or more than Stastny and Duchene. His linemates had higher production than either of Stastny's or Duchene's. He saw a dead even 50% offensive zone start (as opposed to McClement's 34.3% and Stastny's 50.7%).

How is that not a #1 center? Because he's also used heavily defensively? So is Datsyuk.

Originally Posted by ChibiPooky View Post
OK, now which of those are actually available right now? Most are on playoff teams who will hold them. I don't see Iginla moving. So that leaves... Ryder? So the Caps are going to acquire Ryder, who will likely be sold for futures, with what roster space?
We're 4-8-1. Why do you care which of them is available right now? Do you really think we should be "buying" in the trade market? Wait until the off-season, then pounce of one of those guys.

Originally Posted by ChibiPooky View Post
How long do you think Ribeiro will stay with the team and be effective? 3 years? 4? Ryan O'Reilly will still be a restricted free agent four years from now. And again, he'd be ready to step into Ribeiro's vacated spot.

This isn't the kind of player you pass on if you have the chance to acquire him, just because you have an aging, impending UFA center who's playing really well.
Talk about moving the goal posts. I started this by saying that O'Reilly only makes sense if you're getting rid of Ribeiro. You countered with how O'Reilly is fine being a 3C and how we can keep both him and Ribeiro. Now you're saying that you want him instead of Ribeiro.

If we determined we aren't going to keep Ribeiro, then I agree we should pursue O'Reilly. But I don't think it's worth the assets to acquire O'Reilly when we have an internal option that has proven to be very highly effective in our current system. Especially if you could put those same assets (including the cap space) towards filling a higher priority vacancy.

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