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02-14-2013, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr Gonzo View Post
Let me ask you this, what game were you watching? Obviously not the Leafs and Habs game.

Gallagher went after Kostka.

Gorges had to practically force McLaren to fight him. McLaren CLEARLY held up in that fight. It wasn't a case of those two running around picking fights with smaller players.

And tell me, what would Kassian (a completely useless NHL player) done to help the team win? Fight McLaren in the last few minutes of a 6-0 game?

2. Gallagher has played like that his entire career, from Jr to the AHL and now the NHL, and that's how he made it to the NHL. If he stops playing like that, he won't be in the NHL anymore. I doubt he needs another player on the roster to continue the same type of play he has produced for years now.

3. There is a reason why 30 GM's don't think he's NHL worthy, including the GM of our team. Apparently you know better, but I'll side with the guys who have jobs in hockey. I think it's a safe bet.

Habs fans have this giant insecurity, and they want us to claim every single scrubbo that hits waivers.

Reality check, there's a reason those players hit waivers, they aren't NHL worthy. Marc Bergevin obviously agrees in this particular situation, or he would have picked him up for free.

Almost 700 players are in the NHL, Kassian is not because he is not NHL worthy.

p.s. Your little jab about curling is cute, but not needed.
Wow. You're asking me if I watched the game?

Kostka was the first one to drop the gloves. How anyone can discuss that just gets over me.
As for Gorges, he was heading to Orr to defend his teammates, and McLaren intercepted him and basically forced him to fight. They even said so after the game. Listen to Gorges' interview.

As for Kassian or any other enforcer for that matter, there's no way we would have won that game, with or without one. But I can guarantee Plekanec wouldn't have been ran over, and that Gallagher/Gorges probably would not have had to fight against way bigger opponents. Because in the end, those guys who abused them knew they would have had to pay the price.

It's very naive of you to believe a guy like Gallagher will keep playing in this league because, you know, he's been doing so for his entire junior career. Oranges and apples. When a man abuses you, it's not like another random 19 years old kid is roughing you up.

As for not claiming Kassian, where did I blame Bergevin and say he was nuts? I even said higher in one post that I respected his point of view, but that I didn't share it. Frankly, some people here should learn how to read before commenting. That being said, the reality in the North East division is very different than elsewhere in the league.

I would hope a team like the Bruins or the Leafs wouldn't claim Kassian, as they already have enough guys with them. As for the "I'll trust the one who's in the league" argument... Really? These guys always take the good decision? Then why are we even discussing him? Close the forum! Everybody ought to agree with these guys I guess...

As for the curling part, well it's pretty obvious a lot of people here know nothing about the effects of intimidation in this sport, and how a player can get tamer and tamer as his career goes on if he takes too much abuse.

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