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02-14-2013, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by BobRouse View Post
Laich is a darn good hockey player and a key part of the team.

He is just the next in the line of whipping boys now that Green is currently playing well.

I have observed many on these message boards (other fans included) tend to overvalue their prospects. I have also seen many undervalue their own players.

Philly fans for the last couple years had been looking for ways to get rid of Hartnell and Briere. Two guys who happen to have performed exceptionally well for them and sans Hartnell there is a big gap on that team right now. Thats just one example.

Rangers fans wanted to find a way to get rid of Dubinsky. One year the guy was untouchable and the next year he was included in every one of their trade proposals. Next year I am sure they will want a way to dump Nash.

Its easy to take what you have for granite. Alexander Semin is a fine example.

A case could be made that Konowalchuk filled that role to an extent. But either way it would be nice to have a Hartnell or Lucic type. Troy Brouwer has decent hands speed and is a good hitter. But he doesn't agitate like those guys.
Laich is a "good" player. O'Reilly is a "better" player, at a much younger age too. Between the two of them O'Reilly really is a no-brainer in every way, unless you consider community service to be the #1 indicator of whether a player should be on your team like CCF does. Even then I'm sure O'Reilly has a big heart.

There's a huge difference between Laich and Semin, Briere and Hartnell. Laich is a bloody 10ESG a season tweener who has never had a season in which he was exceptional offensively, defensively or physically. He's not even a particularly solid utility winger since he doesn't have a mean/physical streak or good hitting/board battle ability required for that role. His biggest claim to usefulness is "versatility". Well, O'Reilly is pretty damn versatile too.

Dubinsky has been pretty underwhelming for a while now, but at least he's a pretty good fighter for a top 6 player.

Is being a "key cog" on a team with our recent playoff history supposed to be a compliment?

Horton and Clowe don't particularly agitate. Horton himself is quite overrated and not really a guy I'd go to as a first choice, especially considering he'd cost north of 5. Clowe does have some agitator tendencies, but he's mostly a great guy to have to protect your agitators, like how Lucic/Chara/Thornton/McQuaid protect Marchand and Getzlaf protects Perry.

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