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02-14-2013, 01:46 PM
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Councilmember Norma Alvarez was a little more skeptical with offering continued support. She asked Skeete how much the city was receiving from the NHL in rent for using the arena.

“I need to know how much money we have received from the NHL,” Alvarez said. “What’s the incentive?”

Alvarez is not qualified to be handling something intangible like a sports team.

“The real question here is do we want to let the NHL to stay in Glendale, or do we want to entertain other options,” he asked. “We don’t need to speculate or try to guess at generated revues, we just need to see the actual money.”
Weiers doesn't fare any better with this gem. Sports and spending money on facilities like arenas is ALL about projected revenue. It's a gamble, and not a hard science. To sit there and ask for a dollars in, dollars out statement is absolutely stupid.

Sherwood stressed a need for focus and urgency with regard to the plan.

“After the season ends, there is a good chance the team will leave,” he said. “This will have been a four-year process on May 5. I think we need to have a focal point, and turn it over to a professional negotiator in the next three to four months as the season continues.

"We need some focus. If we haven’t been able to get a buyer with the deal we have, then we probably won’t be able to get anyone else. We need to assign a task force. We have a precious three or four months to get this done, or we have to come up with a Plan B that doesn’t include hockey.”
Sherwood gets it. I am impressed. Why not bring in a negotiator? I'm sure the league would prefer not to deal with the city directly.

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