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02-14-2013, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Cory Trevor View Post
I'm sorry this isn't correct at all. I don't think you've really seen the Swedes play or that team compete for their country. Fin's are a bit similar too.

Those guys will walk through fire covered in gasoline for Olympic gold. Their compete level is higher than the US and Canada in the Olympics. They love playing for their country.

This is Olympics is a crap shoot. Anyone of the top 7 teams wouldn't surprise me at all.

-Canada's not as good as 2010. Possible regression. I'm only saying this because they are the best team. There's no place to go but down from here unless they even keel it out.
-USA's definitely improved exactly as projected. One of the top teams
-Sweden's got an unbelievable mix of responsible forwards, young and veteran, and the best Goaltender in the world
-Russia doesn't have their best team but this Olympics in Russia. Russians playing in Russia on large ice=possibly averaging 5 goals a games
We agree to disagree. I get your point that it is a crapshoot, but i think Canada will be better in 2014 than 2010, and not regress. Time will tell, and i also understand how Canada has had its struggles on the big ice. I was disappointed in many of the Canadian Forwards in 2010, and for 2014, the forwards will be a lot better. Only question is goaltending. As for Sweden, i might be a little harsh on them because they got bounced out early in 2010. Like i said, time will tell, but i think you are mistaken if you think Canada will not be better in 2014. Gold is not guaranteed, but on a whole, Canada will be more quicker and talented than 2010 from top to bottom. Same could be said for USA. Russians playing on home ice also means that they will have a very good team.

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