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02-14-2013, 12:56 PM
It's finally over
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Originally Posted by naurutger View Post
Well if you can figure this one out, have fun!
What's there to figure out? It's similar to the "We win, you win" promo they ran last year. If the team does well, you get to attend extra games. If the team does poorly, you're still only out $100 or $250 for a lower bowl seat. It's basically a gamble.

So if you bought the $100, and Barbs gives up 8 in a period, you lose your ticket. You just paid a 25% premium on the lower bowl price. The EV of the ticket is actually 75x10, or $750. The $250 ticket is your best bet to actually get full value. It's highly likely that the team does well enough to get you all 10 games.

Just some creative pricing linked to the performance of the team. Actually a novel way to get people to actively root for the team and invest in the outcome.

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