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02-14-2013, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by BobRouse View Post
Laich is underrated. He can play every forward position and even can play D if we are short!

He is strong on both the PK and PP. He's a responsible two way player that can play up and down the lineup.

Not many players in the NHL that versatile. Verstility is an important skill so don't undervalue it. He's a good vocal presence and has been here from day 1 of the firesale year.

I've never seen him take a shift off either.
Dude, half our forwards could wing it in every forward position. Which is what he does. He plays like a 2.5 million 3rd line C and a 3-3.5 million winger on a good day. Being able to play D in a pinch is completely useless in 95% of real games.

He's not strong on the PP. He reaped the benefits of our insane offense back in the day but he's not a particularly good screener even though he won't shut up about. He's good at defense and on the PK but nowhere near elite. O'Reilly is much better at both.

Versatility is only important as long as it doesn't take away from quality.

His vocal presence has contributed dick and a half to this team. If anything it may have pissed our stars off, the ones he leeched that contract from. If you want a real "leader" look no further than Alzner.

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