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02-14-2013, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by BobRouse View Post
The problem with O'Reilly is that not only would we have to give up 2 assets (roster player and top prospect from what I've heard) but that he wants 5 million per.
Once again, the $5M rumor was shot down by his agent. And how is it a problem to give up a roster player when the Caps are at 25/23 roster spots with everyone healthy?

So basically next year we'd slot him in Ribeiro's position and be short a prospect and roster player.
I would slot him at 3C, which looks like a scoring line in Oates' system. Try to keep Ribeiro.

Colorado is not just gonna give him away for spare parts either.

Why not keep our assets and use that money to sign Ribeiro if you want to go that route?
Because he's better than our assets. He's an upgrade over Laich and a significant upgrade over Johansson. I don't necessarily like the appeal to authority, but one NHL player called him a top 5 two-way player in the league, and apparently most GMs are shocked that Colorado would even consider moving him.

We are thin enough in our prospect pool after so many graduates that I'd rather not lose Forsberg, Wilson or Kuznetsov.
Agreed. I am really excited about those 3 in particular.

Outside of those 3 I doubt Colorado would listen if we offer some other prospect thats not top notch.
I don't know if the Caps have the horses to get him. I do know that I would put my best offer on the table to try. Players like O'Reilly aren't frequently available, especially when they're still under team control.

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