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02-14-2013, 12:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Homeland Security View Post
The question I ask is why did the league allow them to get so big?

Smaller and thicker pads can be just a "safe" as these. The problem is every goalie in the league with oversized mattresses strapped to their legs will have to learn to adjust their game or suffer greatly in the stats category.

As for enlarging the nets, I don't think that needs to be done if they bring goalie equipment down in size to a reasonable level.

Plus a 7 foot wide net I think would be too big. If the league did go that route, maybe 6' 6'' across.
I think it started with Roy and Irbe (Sharks goalie). Irbe was one of the first to use "oversized" pads, and I think another goalie called him out as using 15" wide pads at one point.

Roy used to "hide" foam blocks in his hip area to keep pucks from slipping between his arms and hips. The blocks were concealed by his jersey, and they have since banned things like this.

Kind of look at it like NASCAR. They take something away, so you look else where. They restricted the width of the pads, so you look to increase the length. Back in the day, before butterfly was the main "style" longer pads wouldn't help, but the butterfly + longer pads = advantage goalie

I am sure that there are many other "tricks", going back to the first goalie, but the shooters always had an advantage until the late 80's when the art of goal-tending became more then "a crazy who stops the puck". Once goalies became "smarter" and more athletic the advantage slowly switched away from the shooters.

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