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02-14-2013, 02:13 PM
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Despite these people being idiots (which I'm not disputing), the city would have been better served looking at cash in / cash out and letting the team go years ago. They've been played and wasted $ 50 M, thinking this was a straight business negotiation.

At an nonnegotiable price tag of $ 170M, the arena management deal is not (and never was) the problem. It's an overpriced asset, pure and simple. We now know the league will never waver from it, otherwise it would already have done so.

The only workaround was to use some shenanigans to get the city to come up with the cash to reduce the price (the Hulsizer / "parking rights" deal), but GWI made sure that couldn't happen. Once that (probably illegal) option was off the table, so were our chances at keeping the team.

Over the past four years we saw what happens when savvy, ruthless & smart businessmen deal with locally elected morons. Taxpayers get ****ed.

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