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12-17-2003, 08:21 PM
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Originally Posted by punchy1
Great point guzmaniac (but if you wear a beenie nobody will notice it )

Seriously though, I agree with you completely. The funny thing about seeing how good we are playing now is that it shows you how far away we are from being great. Good is good, great is better.

Before this year we would only get glimpses of how good we could be and rare moments of what great looked like. Now we are good on allot of nights and show signs of a great team on others. That doesn't mean that we aren't capable of awful but so are most teams. The thing about most top teams are the awful games are few and far between with the good to great effort being the more constant. We are a 50 50 team right now the way I reckon. We are better than the average and awful teams but not quite where we want to be with the great ones. So bloody close. Maybe adding Allison and getting Army and Lappy back will be enough. I know that if Lappy, Allison and Army were on the market from some other team and they were being offered to us for nothing in a deal I would be wetting myself to see it happen. That is what is coming in the next few weeks and that should be enough to make us an elite or great team by my standards.

Hell ya, getting those guys back is all I want for christmas!!!!!!!!well, and a new T.V

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