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02-14-2013, 03:29 PM
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32 and getting back into playing

after a six year hiatus, I'm finally back in shape enough to start playing competitive hockey again. I need new gear though. I was a goaltender first time around, but I'm going to ease back into it by starting as a defenseman.

When I played the first time, all my gear was Hespeler. Unfortunately, that's no longer an option. here's what i was using...

Gloves: Hespeler Classic Lite

Elbows: hespeler MAX

Chest: Hespeler RTX

Shins: Hespeler HMP

Pants: Hespeler classic Lite

I know I could probably scour Ebay and recreate this, but I'd like to go with a new brand, aka something i can replace if I get attached to it. I'm 32 and I'll be playing beer league probably.

Oh, and stick wise, I used the old Hespeler 5500 stick with the Gretzky curve at a 250 flex.

I'd like something that plays similar to this gear. I tend to like thinner pads with better range of motion. I like super stiff flex sticks.

Any suggestions?

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