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02-14-2013, 02:32 PM
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I prefer the two Conference system in part because of the number of teams involved. It feels more like the Playoff teams are more closely to accurately being the best teams in that particular Season, and the matchups are based on a broad spectrum of teams and their records for the Season. I'd much rather have a matrix like that than some condensed little group of teams with repeated matchups regardless of how those teams can compete with the rest of the League. And if the games against the rest of the League really do have a strong effect on determining their positions in the Standings, then I want those teams competing in the Playoffs against the other teams in the League which did the best in that Season; not just against a 1/4 of the League Divisional group.

Each Playoff matchup presents its own unique dynamic. It's somewhat unfortunate that it can't be a top-16 Playoffs. Division 1st Round, Conference 2nd Round, League 3rd Round, and then a Final. But I'd be happy to continue with the current two Conference system; incorporate a Divisional 1st Round if they want... can be done right now, if they want to do it.

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