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Originally Posted by darko View Post
Comes down to Oakland and Texas IMO. Getting Hamilton is nice and dandy but Angels rotation after Weaver and Wilson is a mess. Rangers wont miss Hamilton as much as people think. They dont have 1 player to replace Hamilton but Berkman, Pierzynski are good additions along with young players like Profar, Olt, Martin ready to step in.
Where is Profar going to play though? Isn't he strictly a SS? Isn't that where Andrus is every-day? It wouldn't make sense to have Profar on the roster for one game every week, if that.

Olt - He's primarily a 3B. On most teams, he'd be playing there in the majors. But on the Rangers, he's learning the corner OF's positions and also some 1B to get him some at-bats.

Martin - Curious to see how he plays out. Some say he's going to play CF, some say he'll be in LF. But can he be an every day player is the question?

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