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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
That's my main question. I play ice hockey and I wear kevlar skate socks, they aren't expensive, they aren't uncomfortable, I've never seen somebody get sliced but I wear them because the technology is available to me so why not use it? From what I know they prevent the slicing motion, I don't know if somebody steps down on you if it will prevent what happened to Karlsson. If he wasn't wearing kevlar skate socks and they would have prevented this cut I really don't understand why they aren't mandatory. And if you play rec league hockey and don't wear kevlar socks I think you should have your head checked.
the material will help more when it comes to any kind of contact that is more in line with a 'brushed' by the blade, or a glancing kind of contact. the kevlar will essentially not allow the blade to dig in and cut.

think of all the knicks and cuts in your hockey socks covering your shin pads. the occasional cut in a jersey or your breezers, from being down on the ice. it is this type of contact the kevlar socks will help protect you from.

in a situation that involves a lot of direct force and contact it wont be enough. like last night a foot into the back of your leg will likely be more than the fabric can accomodate. if anything it would likely cause the foot to slide down the leg a bit, before 'biting' in and cutting the leg.

the kevlar neck protectors are now mandated by USA Hockey for kids to wear full time. many people aren't aware of this and most kids aren't playing with them.

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