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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
Really? Mom and/or Dad can't video record or take pictures at a game without the school's permission?

That's kind of ridiculous.
Yeah it's kind of a weird deal...
Alot of times if they ask they are allowed, but there are also some schools that have the photography students take photos and the parents can buy pics of their kid at the end of the year as a sort of fundraising thing.

I remember the one year of Junior Varsity I played I volunteered for a research study that involved having heart monitors attached to me while I played. We were video taped as well to gain an understanding of how goalies bodies reacted to stressful situations in games. The big hangup was the video camera had to be run by one of the coaches because the Athletic Board wouldn't allow an outsider take video minors...

From the reaction of the fans sitting next to the guy video taping they knew what was about to happen. They anticipated it happening and then when it happened they start jumping up and down which leads me to believe it was planned. If his teammates were OK with it then they probably hated the coach and knew their course in hockey was coming to an end as it is. That said, I've seen plenty of guys quit, they usually lack guts and I can't stand playing hockey or even being around that ****** attitude. If that goalie was on my team and I didn't know what was happening you would have seen me make a bee line towards that goalie and he wouldn't have made it through the door.
At least a few of teammates knew, not sure if all did, but a few. It was a teammate that shot the puck behind the net for him to score the goal. Which was something I was curious on when I saw the first saw the video.

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