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Originally Posted by The General View Post
Even tho I blocked you, you still get my requests. Unless, you blocked me. Which is what you told me the last time I tried to invite you. You called me dense for not realizing that. Seems your the dense one if you cant realize that the only way for you not to get my request is if YOU also blocked ME. Who is dense now?

Edit. I just blocked my cousin for the hell of it and invited him to play a game. He got the invite... LOL

What do you have to say now?

We have played at least 4 times and I won them all. You complained like a little girl after all of them. With a different excuse everytime. Then YOU told ME that you were not going to play me anymore, because pausing the game is cheating. The last 2 seasons I tried to play you everytime and you wouldnt play me.

I tried this time too and you ignored me everytime.

Then all of a sudden, right before the sim, when I am not online, you want to play me and are apparently leaving me messages. Where were you the last 2 days when we were both online and I was inviting you?

Believe me, I have no problem whooping you again.

Nice try getting me kicked. I have been here from the beginning and am not going anywhere.
Sorry I don't block people I'm an adult. And you never sent me one request. But any ways your the man cool guy. See ya!

Edit: we've played once in this league by the way. But you can tell your self what ever you want. Good luck this year. I've got you down for a lottery team do you want swap firsts?

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