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02-14-2013, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by pdogfizzle View Post
Lol what?! So the Knicks beating the Heat during the regular season doesn't matter but Lebron doing well in the middle of the regular season playing games that "don't count" is your argument?

Who knows maybe Lebron will be struggling towards the end of the season and Carmelo will be on fire. Lets wait until the playoffs before we make ridiculous statements. I think the Knicks, Nets or the Bulls with a decent Rose have a chance to take the Heat out during the playoffs. Do I think the heat will beat all of them? Yes but that doesn't mean those teams aren't a "threat"
Yes, the Knicks beating the Heat in the regular season doesn't matter but LeBron putting up some insane numbers on his way to another MVP does matter. What's so hard to understand about that? It has always been like that. There's a reason why they keep track of individual regular season statistics and make a big deal about the MVP award. Where as for teams, everyone only cares about what you do in the playoffs and not about some meaningless regular season games. I think both the Bulls and Celtics swept the Heat in the regular season two years ago and the Heat easily beat both of them in the playoffs.

The Heat have shown they can take it up another notch in the playoffs. They'll also shorten the rotation and give LeBron/Wade/Bosh more minutes. Playoffs will be completely different.

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