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02-14-2013, 03:37 PM
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Slap Shot - Optimal Puck Position??

Hi Guys,

Sorry if this is a silly question, but this is regarding the puck position (setup) prior to taking the shot. For the slap shot, from what I gather from youtube videos the puck is forward in my stance, inside my front foot, similar to how you would setup to hit a golf ball with your driver. But how about the distance of the puck away from your body?

-One instructor told me, you should be able to look down at your puck; your eyes are over the puck prior to taking your shot. He said that it makes it much easier to put your weight down on your stick to flex it.
-One slapshot video from Score100goals (i think) suggests that you should impact the ground with the front portion of your stick blade, not the heel or the centre. I think this also means the puck is close to your body to achieve this?

I tried this a few times, but it just feels weird. The puck feels too close to me, like I'd wiff on my shot. I feel that I also have to keep my top hand closer to my body during the shot (if that makes any sense). So how far in front of your body do you have the puck prior to taking a slapshot? Did you always shoot this way? Did you need to change your swing path or make any adjustments?

Thanks for the advice.

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