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02-14-2013, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by phil steve View Post
All i can say is czar quit on me in the first season with a minute left in the game and the blamed the loss on ea and then last season i thrashed him again and he deleted me from his friends list.

both of these are pretty childish moves. He seems like an alright guy until things don't go his way at which point he turns into a whiney six year old.
I did and I apologized. It was a knee jurk reaction and three seasons ago. And yes I still maintain that EA has way to much influence in the outcome of a lot of games. As far as my friends list go's I've deleted everyone on my friends list because its annoying as hell to be online and have a notification pop up twice ever time someone turns on the Xbox and loads the game. My personal opinion. Maybe it dosn't bother you but it does me.

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