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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
I'm not suggesting handing him any role.

I'm suggesting putting him with the right kind of players.

You can't ask a guy who has never been the one to control the puck on his own, to suddenly do it now.

If you want him to use one of his two biggest assets (skating and shooting) more consistently, then you need a guy who can get him the puck on a consistent basis.

You stick him with guys who are not that kind of player, and stick him in a defensive role, you are not going to get the most out of him. Plain and simple.

Been saying this since we drafted him. He excels on the rush, and he excels at getting the puck around the net. Look where he scores. Rush. Net.

A coach needs to maximize EACH player's strengths.

Call it a role, call it what ever you want. I'm not looking at it from a line-1 to line-4 perspective. I'm looking at as a lineup, a full bench of players. Finding the combinations that work. Finding the balance that works.

This is a problem with Tortorella. Forcing things. Forcing forcing forcing.

Right now the only clear natural, unforced chemistry in the forward lines, despite winning three in a row, is Hagelin-Stepan-Nash.

Richards-Gaborik does not work. Gaborik on the left does not work. It took an injury to Callahan for Tortorella to finally stop forcing the Stepan-Callahan thing to work.

Kreider needs a guy like Richards.

If the staff doesn't want to get Kreider to score goals, then trade him.

They want to develop a scoring winger they need to put him with a guy who can get him the puck.

Richards is struggling right now too. Gaborik refuses to move his feet. Tortorella said as much yesterday.

Give Richards a kick in the ass, too, by putting a fast skating winger on his side, who can shoot.

Process process process.

If the process includes forcing a player to toil in a role that has nothing to do with his skill set, then maybe the "process" needs to be re-evaluated.

"We want the player to develop the right way." Well, guess what, what they're doing isn't the right way for this player.

And folks wonder why we haven't been able to develop a scoring winger. The Rangers are chicken **** to "hand" a larger role to any young forward, unless they are mostly devoid of any natural offensive skills. Stepan is the only young forward in memory, that was allowed to play above the third line, that is a skilled offensive forward. Maybe other then Prucha, who didn't last.

If the player is on the roster, give him the ****ing opportunity. Otherwise, don't have him.

His defensive play has not been bad. At all. He has had enough sense to cover for pinching defensemen. He Skates hard. He backchecks. Picks up open men on the backcheck. He's a +4 over the last 4 games. Now, allow his offensive skills to come out. They won't with no one to pass him the puck.

A line of Kreider-Richards-Callahan would work.

Instead we can continue to beat the limp horse that's Richards-Gaborik. It hasn't worked.

Very Good Post. You seem to know your stuff. I agree when Kreider played with Richards against teh devils he was very aggressive and good near the net. The kid is a finisher he you acnt ask him to do it all by himself like nash does. Hopefully in a few years Kreider will be able to do that but like you said put him with richards/stepan and i gurantee he will score often

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