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Originally Posted by JeffNYI View Post
To answer your question exactly as you asked it the answer is that the difference is enormous because the CHL has just 10 teams compared to the ECHL's 23.

But to get to the spirit of your question, the ECHL still has much higher costs and revenues than the CHL.. partially because they play 10% more games in the ECHL in the regular season alone, and partly because everything is just more expensive..

Players are paid more, which drives up other things like workman's comp and payroll taxes.. front office people, in general, are paid a bit better too.. etc..

If I was forced to GENERALLY GUESS I would say it probably costs a half million more per year to operate an ECHL team.. averaged out..

As far as securing a franchise, my bet is you can get a CHL one pretty damn affordably compared to the ECHL.. but I'd rather not toss out numbers on that subject..
From my experience, the annual expenses to operate an ECHL team are between $700K and $1.1M, sometimes higher, mostly depending on lease terms and travel. Teams who can make day trips incur significantly lower travel expenses than teams that have to travel overnight to every game. Hotel rooms, sleeper buses, airfare, overweight baggage charges and per diem add up VERY quickly.

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