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02-14-2013, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
You're right. Cooke is completely guilty. I heard Montreal area people called 9-1-1 and there was a search last night and they uncovered a bunch of Erik Karlsson dolls. It seems he's been practicing to slice Karlsson's acihillies' tendon for quite some time now. He's practiced so much he was able to maneuver his skate, on an downward angle to get behind the back of his skate protection and down enough to slice the tendon and not even looking at what he's doing.

We have a really skilled guy, over here. He should be a surgeon with that type of precision, not a hockey player.
Maybe we can finally have an Ottawa-Montreal game where the CBC commentators aren't slobbering over Karlsson's godliness. Of course not they will be talking about how terrible it is to not have the greatest player ever not playing the game. I think this may have been premeditated by the rest of the league who could no longer stand by while Karlsson was the only player worth talking about. Players picked Cooke to make the cut as no one else could make it look like an accident.

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