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02-14-2013, 04:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Trade Legwand View Post
I'd rather try to sign someone in the offseason then to load up in this crapshoot of a season.
This x eleventy billion.

It's tough to watch our offense right now....scratch's tough to watch our TEAM (minus Rinne/Mason) right now. We're struggling at nearly every point on ice (sure, there are bright spots and flashes -- but very little consistency). While I don't LIKE it, I also think it would be foolish for us to make a real splash trade THIS season.

We're still in the hunt. Peks, after the first few games, has looked pretty amazing. He's pretty much the reason why we are where we are. But I don't think the rest of the team is enough "there" in order to make a SC run. Making one move...even a big one, probably isn't going to put us over the top. It might shore things up a bit, but it won't solve it.

I'm not saying just to write off the season or make NO trades...but only ones that make good sense. I think the summer...with this big draft coming up...will be the time to move. This year...with the shortened camp...might as well be a rebuilding year for us (even if we end up in good PO position).

Typically Poile doesn't do anything to "wow" anybody, but he's made at least some decent moves in the past. He's conservative in his approach, which I know bugs many...but I think he realizes that his job will be gone if he gambles huge and leaves the team in shambles (either financially or talent-wise). Poile's system, like it or not, has proved to be very reliable, consistent, and cost effective...especially in comparison to some of the compulsive spenders out there.

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