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02-14-2013, 04:37 PM
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Somewhat ironic that a few Russian posters now understand and implement (correctly) the argument that the market dictates where players go. A strong Latvian league is utopia ; it will not happen. Your best players at a relatively early age will always go to either your top development team or abroad. This is how a capitalist sport system works.

Namesj, your point in this is somewhat convuluted here. If you want to say that the current KHL economic structure is not indefinitely feasible ; i agree. The Russian economy/Government backing will not last forever, thus the KHL basically has to organise itself as structurally sound before this bust/draining of funds happen.

However, you are trying to make the point that franchises like Amur are not feasibe, which is nonsense. Within this current structure ; they are feasible. Citing population of an area is irrelevant. It's like citing Germany and saying they will be a hockey power. Population is irrelevant. Hockey culture isn't. Sweden, a country of a few million, has many excellent sporting clubs that produce great players in an environment where hockey is loved. Why cannot the same work for Franchises like Amur?

No sporting league in the world can have 20 or 30 economic juggernauts. Capitalism does not work that way. If the culture is there and the fans are there ; it is feasible.

Or do you want to tell me the Premier league should contract half their teams, because they require rich owners, make no money etc? No. You won't.

I think this discussion would proceed in a better fashion if you stopped convuluting your points. Your mixing ideas that contradict each other.

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