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Originally Posted by Blue Goose View Post
I still contend that if you DO want to trade Clowe and Demers, they'd have to go to two separate teams. For the record, I wouldn't trade Demers at all - but I was just responding to the OP, and trying to give some options. Same goes for Clowe - if you DO want to move him for fear that he won't re-sign, I'm just coming up with options.

So we've agreed that Clowe will need to go to a contender, but what will "contenders" give up in return? Picks and prospects. I find it hard to believe that any contender will send back an NHL-ready forward that could play on the SJ 2nd/3rd line, unless it's someone that "doesn't fit into their current team's plans (ie. Tyler Kennedy). And if SJ insists on asking for such a forward, they're going to significantly narrow the amount of possible trade partners, since the "contenders" will likely need those forwards for their planned Cup run.

I'll be honest - I haven't heard too much about the D prospects in Worcester. Do you feel that these guys can step into the SJ roster and contribute effectively in the near future? If so, then perhaps focus on forward prospects and draft picks.
Well, the vast majority of Sharks fans don't want to move Demers, unless it's a hockey trade for a top-6 forward. There's no reason at all the move him. Like, at all.

As for as SJ's defense prospects, it's not like we have high-end guys, but the Sharks have a habit of churning out mid-early twenty year old #4-#6's every year. Two years ago it was Demers. Last year it was Braun. This year, it's Irwin. The Sharks org does a real good job of getting these guys as FAs or in the 7th round. Then you look at Vlasic (25) and Burns (27) and we already have our young top-pairing. Demers, Braun, Irwin, these guys are fine as second pairing guys. Sena Acolatse was putting up great numbers in Worcester before breaking his jaw blocking a shot. I've watched the kid, I think he's next year's Irwin. Matt Tennyson too, he's a really good puck-mover with good potential. Both of those guys were signed as free agents out of college/CHL.

So basically, defensive prospects do nothing for the Sharks. Our defense at the NHL level is pretty young (except Boyle), and we have enough role players playing above expectation that I'm not concerned about our 4-6 spots now or in the future.

We have the opposite situation on our hands at the forward position. Thornton and Marleau are 33, and easily our best forwards. We have no one, save Hertl, whom I love to death having watched a dozen of his Czech Extraliiga games and all his WJC games too, who is even close to a guaranteed top-6 forward. Matt Nieto is talented, but a risky player. Freddie Hamilton looks to be projecting as more of a 2nd/3rd line tweener. No one else is really worth talking about right now.

If we trade Clowe for futures, it'll be for a high pick, or for a good forward prospect.

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