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02-14-2013, 06:31 PM
Nicky Santoro
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Blues/Redwings rating in. I can't believe it's me giving the updates when i am here to get info from you guys. Hey CanadaIsHockey, you are the man here.. You have been the man here for many yrs starting these ratings threads.. Pls buddy, i depend on you. If you ever get any ratings updates of any local team or nbc, pls post it. I don't know you CanadaIsHockey, but i do know you are the man in this category and you live only 10 miles from me. So pls do it for your fellow Montrealer. i am obsessed with this stuff. thanks.

Here is the STL/DET rating from last night.. From SBNation

NHL TV ratings 2013: Blues vs. Red Wings down from previous Wednesdays, still solid for NBC Sports Network

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