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02-14-2013, 06:36 PM
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There's two kinds of slappers. One is hips squarred to the net: i.e. Winger coming down a wing and let's it go all while striding with chest and hips towards (squared) net. The other is hips like you said-a golfer/this is "hips open to puck" for a one timer or a defenseman skating backwards "hips open" to get the slapper off.

The former is less time consuming to get set and I also think takes more mechanical skill I.e. getting that "stick side leg" off the ground so you can get more flex on the stick and then follow through with the other leg pointing at the net. For me the puck just needs to be in front of the skate toe for this method.

I agree with Malreg. The later (hips open to puck) for me the puck needs to be in inside back skate (it's a preference). I think if the puck is too in front (front foot or more) then flex & accuracy are potentially compromised, you're off balance and overall it's all over the place, lol.

Practice in the garage!

Also, any advice on where to strike blade? I have a 5.5 easton lie and I try to strike on the heel? Not in the middle, anybody agree with this?

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