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02-14-2013, 07:21 PM
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This guy saying goalies don't get bruises

Try taking a slapshot off your arm, best case scenario you're only left with a welt and extreme pain for a few seconds, I've had several bone bruises from shots off my arm which are not exactly fun even if you weren't playing hockey with it, now imagine taking another slapshot to the place where you have a bone bruise.

As for pad size helping with taking away the bottom of the net, and also your claim that a goalie can just drop down to his knees take away the entire bottom of the net and not have to make a single recovery save

I'm 6 foot 4 inches and most of my height is in my legs as a point of reference, in order for me to take away the whole bottom of the net I have to stretch out as far as I can go to get one foot on each post, this now leaves my five hole gaping and makes it so I can barely move and have no way to get back up quickly. A butterfly is alot more compact then that so your assertion that you can take away the entire bottom of the net his hog wash, the reason it feels like that is because shocker, goalies as trained to play angles now, it's really evident if you ever compare goalies from different generations in beer leagues, the younger guys like me that grew up trained to be butterfly style and know our angles and how to challenge tend to do a lot better then the older guys that still play stand up and don't know their angles at all. What you have a problem with is that goalies have evolved and the position is more refined so a player can't take an unscreened slapshot from the point and have it go in with regularity anymore, this is good for hockey it means the game is improving, that the goals that do get scored have to be prettier and goalies no longer look like the village idiot all the time.

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