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Club Dead

Originally Posted by Theosis View Post
Holy ****... The whole section behind the benches is completely empty... Thought it was only the first few rows
A little background.

The Panthers COO is Michael Yormark. He is a jerk. Noone like him... except for the owners because he makes them money by selling advertising. An example of this is putting ads in the urinals for a urology group.... with a Panthers logo on it. Yes.. you could go to a Panthers game and **** on the Panthers. Classy.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes...

Last year the Panthers finally rewarded the long suffering core fan by making the playoffs after 12 mind boggling years of ineptitude. 12 years - no playoffs - in Florida - yet the die hards still hoped and still showed up year after year. Playoffs. Finally.

Hurray for the fans, right? Well, not if Mr Yormark has anything to do with it.

Right before the playoffs, he announces plans for Club Red. The die hard fans who have sat through 12 years of futility in the sections directly behind the benches can keep their seats... if they pay $16,500 a year per seat for Club Red - an exclusive club with inclusive dining and wine/beer/beverages. A nice "thank you" for the fans delivered with a prominent middle finger.

In the offseason, after kicking the most loyal fans out of their seats and alienating them, Club Red opens... empty. In addition to being an eyesore of empty seats .... even in otherwise sold out games... the club is placed right at the entrance where it causes bottlenecks in foot traffic and acts as a terrible eye sore.

That is the sad tale of empty sections 134, 101 & 102, brought to you by Michael Yormark and the suckers, I mean taxpayers, of Broward county who floated the loan for that monstrosity.



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