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Originally Posted by VinnyC View Post

Dan Patrick Interviews Chris Pronger

DP: Do you socialize with goalies?
CP: Well, yeah, my best friend in the league is a goaltender -- but I will have to admit that I have yet to meet a normal goalie.
DP: Who would be the goalie closest to normalcy?
CP: Oh, my god. Honestly, there is not a normal goalie.
DP: Well, who is so bizarre...
CP: It's a prerequisite to be a weirdo. If you're a goalie, you're weird.
DP: Why is that?
CP: Well, if you had to stand in the net and face 100 mph slap shots or -- I don't know. I think you got to be crazy to be a net goalie.
DP: Do you ever feel sympathy for a goalie?
CP: Not very often, no.

DP: Because they can look pretty bad. They can be dejected.
CP: They can make or break your team. If you have a good goalie, you can have a good team. If you got a bad goalie, you're going to have a bad team ... I think the crazier your goalies are the better they are.
DP: So if you had kids, you would never let a goalie watch your children?
CP: No, I wouldn't.
We all have idiosyncrasies doesn't make us the village idiot, we're much closer to the crazy old hermit, but watching the goalies of old facing a slapshot from the blue line unscreened then see him try to stop it with his skate, fail, then fall square on his ass makes you look idiotic.

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