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02-14-2013, 08:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
Yes, I know, Vorky. As always, you have all the behind-the-scenes information that must remain top-secret and that confirms the KHL's blameless character and 100% clean moral profile, while poor Filc just doesn't know what he's talking about. He just blindly believes whatever he read in a tabloid newspaper, the poor guy.
Filc knows what he is talking about. Ask him why his attitude to Lev Prague is so negative. Believe me, not everything was said about Lev Poprad in media.

How is it possible to spend 10 millions euro within 4 months? Who created budget before season? Who was responsible?

I dont believe single word of Mr. Máteffy. You know who he is. The same I dont believe single word of Dennik Sport about this topic. You know why.

I dont believe the story of CKD. People/media blame CKD for Poprad´s failure. Are you sure that CKD had plan to ruin Lev Poprad when they indirectly bought club? There are a debts around 2 millions euro? It would not be a problem for CKD/KHL to pay it. Why to support corruption? Main part of debts is for reconstruction of arena. Right? You know how it works in Slovakia. If a company wants to build something, it must bribe a few people = the construction is overpaid. Who is resposible? Read And be calm, I dont believe everything what is written in the article.

I followed closely this case last year. I was only one who claimed that there was no problem for Lev Praha to join KHL. All media claimed that Lev Praha can not join due to debts. Today you know who was right.

The whole story is typicall for Slovakia. Personal animosity of people behind scenes are presented in media as problem of lets say Lev Poprad. True story as Barney Stinson says.

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