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02-14-2013, 08:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Canucker View Post
I suggest you strap on some pads and have some junior players rip some pucks at you with some of the gear goalies used in the 80's and 90's...take a shot off the clavicle and come tell me what you think. What are bruises right now with current gear are deep tissue and bone bruises and fractures with less protective gear. Changing goalie equipment would produce such a minor change to offensive production that it hardly warrants any serious discussion IMO.
I played Junior hockey in the 90's and took shots off of every part of the body including my face.

A serious effort to reduce pad size will equal more goals and a more exciting goaltending style. I don't see how you can make a reasonable argument otherwise.

Originally Posted by mossey3535 View Post
You have no idea what will happen if they reduce goalie equipment size. Your only argument is to ban the butterfly style, which is ridiculous. The size of a guy's butterfly is more on his technique, flexibility and anatomy anyways. You kill thigh rises, a guy with a wide butterfly still has a wide butterfly.

Let's say we reduce thigh rises - you really think that will increase the number of 5-hole goals? I say it won't. In fact, it might actually result in another increase in save percentage as the position adapts (which it always has) to guys who are more active with their rebound control and less passive in their blocking technique than most goalies are today.

Even at the NHL level, stick discipline is an issue. Newer goalies also over-rely on their pads to make saves. These are the leftovers from the Allaire-style blocking systems.

First of all, close crease scrambles wouldn't be that effective because you'd just see more paddle down. So a guy with no thigh rise could still seal the whole bottom of the net with his pads, and he'd cover the 5-hole with paddle-down. There is already relatively little time and space in these situations and most goalies aren't making reaction saves from that position anyways.

Far off shots with a smaller thighrise might encourage guys to actually use their stick correctly and steer rebounds to corners. If that becomes more prevalent and less neglected, you might actually see less rebounds and dirty goals available - on ALL shots. You'd also see a move to softer pads. Old deer-hair pads could basically stop rebounds dead, while the modern gear gives up fat rebounds in exchange for being light.

Chest/arm protectors - most guys today tuck into their pants, so you're not seeing big laterally inflated stuff like the old days. I don't buy your shoulders argument - pucks shot in that area already have a good chance to score, and that hasn't changed from my old gear. Honestly, I don't think you could make arms any smaller than they are now.

Several times I have taken shots directly off the floating shoulder protector, which is the THIRD layer of protection in that area (facing forward, so I am not getting lateral coverage, thank you). I couldn't move my arm for a couple of minutes. My friend cracked my old tank of an Itech Pro mask with a slapshot. Some guys shoot it that hard.

Anyways, it doesn't matter. The goaltending position is always evolving. Goalies are also now some of the best athletes on the team. Go ahead and reduce thigh rises. I'd be willing to bet that it won't have the effect that you think it will.
It's funny how personally you guys are taking this. Your inability to acknowledge anything that can be done to reduce padding shows your bias. If you read the article... there are already goalies wearing less equipment... as many have mentioned. It can be done without risking life and limb.

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