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Originally Posted by kihei View Post
I think Rubber Soul is near perfection, too. With Sgt. Pepper, I think it is an excellent example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. It holds together as a concept album, though the concept always seemed to me pretty subtle. The pieces just seem to fit together like a series of short stories almost. And it ends with, arguably, their most powerful song.
That's my second favorite-- sometimes I prefer it to Revolver, but only when I'm in a very specific mood. I really wish it didn't end with "Run For Your Life" though.

I personally just felt that the "era" was particularly impressive because it produced Strawberry Fields and A Day in the Life, but I never felt THAT strongly about Sgt. Pepper itself. A lot of if is very good, I think Within You Without You is one of their most underrated songs, but I've never sat well with stuff like The Benefit of Mr. Kite and Good Morning, personally-- I usually end up slightly impatiently waiting for A Day in the Life to come on when I go through the album.

It's generally treated like the crowning achievement of all of music history (well, as much as any other album), though.

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