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Originally Posted by Reed Solomon View Post

I don't know if we're going to be the next Alberta or anything, I doubt that, but as part of a highly diversified economy, it's got plenty of potential for economic benefit.
While I admit I was fully unaware of Manitoba's oil industry (Ontario has one as well, though even smaller) and it definitely does have the potential to generate some economic benefit, I am not sure it worthy of the praise the previous poster bestowed upon it.

Manitoba's oil reserves sit at 8 million cubic metres as of December 2010 according to a government report that can be found here. That is more than Ontario (2 million), Quebec (0), and the Maritimes (0) but is less than half/almost a third of B.C. and Saskatchewan (19 and 21 million respectively) and not even on the radar when compared to Alberta (172 million) and Newfoundland's Grand Banks (146).

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