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Originally Posted by SA16 View Post
Don't agree with the decision to sit Kreider for Boyle today but you can't deny that Boyle played a very good game today. The issue here is that Torts can't rely on him and expect that type of performance all the time like he's done in the past. Putting him with Gaborik or Nash or whoever and expecting him to play like that again is just going to slow down and weaken the offense.

I don't know what Richards deal is but his play so far has been unacceptable. Typically I'm a "I don't care how you get the points as long as you get them" type of guy - as with Gaborik who sometimes doesn't show up but who cares? He's good for 40 goals a year if he's going to be on and off I can live with that but Richards play has been exceedingly bad making poor decisions, constant drop passes, and simply just not skating.

Additionally Miller has to stay up. I don't really know why he sat in the third but he clearly is one of our top 3 offensive centers above Boyle and Halpern. He has enough speed that he can skate with our third line without slowing it down and you can tell he is very confident with the puck controlling it and passing it well. If he's a bit weak on defense at the moment then that's something you have to live with. Our defenseman are good enough to make up for our offensives defensive deficiencies and the refusal to play people who aren't strong enough defensively is only going to stifle the offense.

Thought Biron played a good game despite his typically awful shootout performance.
I havent been too impressed with miller since the islanders game last week to be honest. Yes he is physical but he has ALOT if defensive lapses more than CK and he needs to learn to pass once in a while lol. I like the kid but he is only 19 let him develop more

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