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02-14-2013, 09:45 PM
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Originally Posted by ReginKarlssonLehner View Post
I've watched the replay multiple times and no way and I mean no way was that not-intentional. I swear to God it was absolutely disgusting. **** man, you guys have no idea how angry I've been all day. Almost fought this guy on the streets who hit the back heel of my shoe.

The momentum he hit Karlsson's Achilles with was so powerful that only someone who was losing their balance backwards would have done. He was moving forward the entire way and knew what he was doing. He even moved in a straight path all the way through after clutch Karlsson as if trying to get his positioning right before the damage.
I agree it's disgusting. Then to have people actually defending this mentally challenged psychopath is just beyond disappointing. I don't even need to see him suspended or anything, he will get what is coming, but come on people at least say you can't tell. It is just dumb to say you know 100% it was unintentional and then try to explain it.
And another thing, there is no old matt cooke and new matt cooke, there is only matt cooke, responsible for everything he has done to this point.
If he needs help, get him some help but don't let this guy run around carelessly in the meantime. He is not doing good for any real hockey fan. I pay to see skill and hard work not criminal activity.

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