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02-14-2013, 09:49 PM
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Originally Posted by LiquidSnake View Post
You clearly didn't understand what I meant by the post, and I'm not surprised. It's a damn shame that this is what it has come to in Calgary. They're happy with reg season wins.

The Flames get bashed around here because they suck. They have no direction when it came to trades under Sutter and that's why they don't have defense.

What credit are you looking for? That Iginla is a good person? Seems like a great guy.... Off the ice.
Do you have some sort of doctorate in psychology I'm unaware of where you can see a smile on TV and determine exactly what the feelings are behind it?

As far as I know all teams are happy with winning, even in the regular season. If you watch closely enough you'll even see Canucks players smile too when they win.

They made some weird trades under Sutter undeniably, but they don't suck by any objective standards. If you want to chant 'flames suck' at a game or whatever that's cool, but I don't agree with your bizarre 'smiling' analysis.

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