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02-14-2013, 09:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Live in the Now View Post
The most depressing thing about that is that those days are probably never coming back. I mean we made Real Madrid look like a pub team, beat Barcelona at Camp Nou, made Inter get out of the way at San Siro. Now we get turned over by pub teams. In the four years since it has all gone to pot. Building a team that worked as well as that one would cost 200m or be a team of nearly all academy products, which we will never be able to do. I can't see us ever being a team that people are scared to play in the CL again and that's a sad fact, hard to accept. But that is our lot and we will have to.

Hopefully we will pull back in the second leg at Anfield, we have to. It's reflective of our current position that nobody believes we will. 2-0 coming home seems insurmountable when coming back from 3-1 to Chelsea felt realistic.

The first Zenit goal was an unstoppable strike, but the second sent me straight over the edge. Enrique just let the ball get crossed in like he didn't even care. Nobody in the back four cared. Goalkeeper did and nearly stopped it, he played very well today and showed that he cared, but the men ahead of him didn't bother to clear the ball or defend the play at all. It was embarrassing.

Team has become far too complacent and seems to not care whether they win or lose. If they did care, they'd have left. They may not care and that is why Rodgers needs to make them leave immediately. Enrique, Skrtel, Agger at minimum have to leave the club. The latter two in particular are too comfortable at Liverpool.
Now, I'm really depressed. We sure did. Could have won by more very easily. We could truly go toe to toe with anyone in Europe. I get angry when I read about Chelsea fans on these boards saying they are going to abandon their season if this or that happens. Get real. Nauseating. You won Europe LAST year and have won how many trophies in the past ten years? Liverpool has obviously had humble successes by its lofty standards but better than many clubs in the country/continent so maybe I should bite my tongue but I will never leave this club and find that kind of whining ridiculous.

I definitely have wavered on whether I prioritize Europa but this 2nd leg at Anfield is big for me. Prospective transfer targets seem to take some interest in European football in any form and trophies are certainly nothing to sneeze at. However, in this case, it's more than that. Where is this team's spine? This team has not handled adversity well at all this year. Where's the belief? The win at Upton Park is maybe the only example of coming from behind and showing some moxie. Last few months better be a trial period for the whole squad.

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