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02-14-2013, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr_Hook View Post
I just tweeted Lebrun about that and that's exactly what he said : Lars is drawing interest from other teams, but he doesn't know if he's gonna be traded or not.

Other GMs probably see what a lot of us here complain about : an underused skilled guy who seem stucked in no man's land on our team.

I can't believe we would trade him at this point. Haven't we been discussing this for 18 months now : He NEEDS to be given a real shot with 2 competent wingers, period. Until then we just don't know what we hold.

Time to shift DD to the wing :

Patch - Plek - Gio
DD - Eller - Cole
Bourque - Galchenyuk - Gallagher
Why move Bourque...

I do think DD might have used his luck up last year. Teams are keying on his size to neuter that line... I'd like to see...


DD can still do PP time

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