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Originally Posted by gmjevtwa View Post
As much as it would be a great achievement, I don't expect a team to relocate to Seattle and end up winning a Stanley Cup in the first season. It's not impossible (Colorado Avalanche) but highly unlikely.

As far as expansion goes, from my own experience of cheering for the NY Islanders when I lived on Long Island during their Stanley Cup years, their first playoff appearance occurred after their third season and their first Stanley Cup appearance and win was after their seventh season.

Looking briefly at other expansion teams playoff histories, it took the Los Angeles Kings 44 years to win their first Stanley Cup. On the other hand, the St. Louis Blues have never won a final after their first 3 appearances and there are 6 current teams that have never appeared in a Stanley Cup finals.

The ownership group that takes the risk to introduce the NHL in Seattle will have to have some patience. I hope that within that group, there will be some savvy people who know how to properly market the NHL and the new team to sports fans in the city of Seattle and the surrounding region.
Oh no doubt. I wouldn't actually expect them to win in their first season. That Avs/Nordiques team was a unique situation which is not likely to be duplicated again.

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