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02-14-2013, 11:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Zen87 View Post
I think you're right Johan, I didn't see a stomp more of a sort of trying to get his footing back, and go after the puck when you look at it in real time, I think he had his foot up to get more of a complete check, with less focus on him trying to put the foot down of pin him. Keep in mind, Karlsson had a good beat on him, so cook was trying to check from the side to avoid boarding, or like you said, it may have been him just being an idiot.

I will never defend cooke on the stance that he is a smart person, but his intentions have clearly changed from that of a dirty player, to someone who has really tried to make a name for himself as a cleaner hockey player.

I like your point about saying not knowing when to ease off, because honestly, i think he was just trying to keep the pace up. The argument that he did all of this on purpose, or had intention to harm may have been more applicable if the penguins had all but lost, or were getting blown out. However this was an extremely tight checking game, and it isn't like a goon to start attacking players in that situation.

If thats all you got from my post, you're feeding into the old matt cooke vs the new matt cooke, and like i said, he's known more for his hits to the head, then trying to attack a player with his skates. I think ottawa fans should be more upset no whistle was blown when the puck went into the netting. none of this would have even happened.

Regardless, you guys will come to your own conclusions, i just felt for conversations sake that you should here a non-sens fans perspective. And I hope i don't seem too much of a homer by defending cooke. This is the first time he's deserved someone defending his case.
No I was responding to your own personal comment
"This is not something Matt Cooke does with his skates. He's never been known to act that way,..."
but he has acted that way. (Osgood)

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