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02-14-2013, 10:50 PM
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I can't stand all of these new people. Jesus Christ. Were not playing THAT bad. It's going to take time. 1st line looked good, keep them together. Stop this buyout Heatley nonsense. He's our 3rd best forward. It's not close.

Granlund looks good. He's now one of our best forecheckers and making things happening shift in and shift out. Still thinks he looks better offensively as a winger, but he is very defensively responsible IMO. Granlund looks good.

Seto looks good too. Not finishing obviously, but he's still playing hard. Seto-Brodz-Granlund looked really really good. Brodz is that bruising guy that helps Granlund.

There's our top 2 lines right now.


We want puck possession right? Or, at least that's what all you guys are crying about. Ok, let's play Pierre Marc. Sure he has some faults, but he's also our best guy at carrying the puck into the zone and making things happen. He's going to lose the puck more than other guys too simply because he's trying to make plays instead of safely dumping it. Insert him 3rd line.

If Clutterbuck is out for a up Zucker. From what I've heard Zucker isn't afraid to play a little physical and basically play like Seto (with finishing ability) Put him on the 3rd line. Center then with Cullen. (Defensively responsible, good face off man. Speedy. That can be our speed line)

Let's recap we've now got...


The 4th line that obviously leaves Mitchell, Konopka, Rupp.


Mitchell, Konopka, Rupp

There's your 4 offensive lines.

Defensively again the first line is obvious Suter/Brodin.

Gilbert is the guy obviously on the second pairing. Who do we pair with him?

Well what are we all claiming for? Puck possession...tape to tape passes...clean breakouts...etc. So, who do we want to play as little as possible? Falk/Stoner.

Who is arguably our best defense at that? Spurgeon. (Don't give me any bull about the goal today, that was simply bad luck and he was out there with Falk.)

Gilbert is also probably our most physical defense so this would work pretty well.

Top 4


Obviously, I think we would all cringe at the thought of Falk/Stoner out there together. That means putting one of these guys through waivers. Which, i'm 100% fine with. These guys are dime a dozen.

Call up Scandella. He's struggled, but they guy is mobile and can skate. Which, is what we need to turn this team's identity into. I'd keep Stoner

D-Pairings look like...


Lines overall look like...



If you want to hold onto the puck the best with the players we have this is the way too do it.

**Let things click and mesh for awhile. IF things are still going up Larssen. Replace Cullen or Brodz. Out of those 3 pick your line 2-3 center as you see fit. If things get really bad...sit both Brodz/Cullen. Move Granlund to center and call up Coyle.

Just me...

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