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02-14-2013, 11:10 PM
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Originally Posted by SnowblindNYR View Post
If that were the case I think we'd be .500 against them. Before this game we won 8 in a row at home against them.
Which just shows that you don't understand what I said. The outcomes of the games have nothing to do with it. Rangers/Islanders games have a tendency to be odd, slightly chaotic affairs with huge momentum swings. Tonight's was no different. You can't take anything away from the performance of either team in games like that. What was strange was seeing the last game between these two, which wasn't odd, or chaotic. It was very low key.

Also, the Rangers were 1-1-1 against the Islanders in their building last year. They were 1-2-0 the year before. Which just makes the 8 in a row at home stat a statistical outlier, and being a statistical outlier is the only reason why it gets brought up at all. Anyone who watched those 8 in a row know that there wasn't dominance there on the Rangers part that should lead to that type of stat.

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