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Originally Posted by Glacial View Post
They're like sharks (not San Jose Sharks mind you, sharks that 'play' in liquid water). The Thrashers gave them a taste for blood and instead of satiating their appetite, they're now in a feeding frenzy. Of course, there's lingering sentiments of injustice. The Jets & Nordiques are 2 teams they really wanted to get back and with a very active US expansion over the '90s (and 2000), all Canada got out of it was Ottawa. They want more teams considering how much Canada has grown since 1990. My question... First was Winnipeg, next comes Quebec City. Next after that would be GTA2 obviously, but let's talk theoreticals and say GTA2 gets a team somewhere. Where next? Would there be calls for team #4 in Ontario? Would it be Saskatoon or Regina? Where would there be calls for another Canadian city to get a team? Or would their desire for new (or refurbished) NHL teams be satisfied by then?
I think most Canadians would concede that 10 is the logical limit the way the country's population is distributed. QC, Hamilton, and Toronto North (Markham/Vaughn/etc) Saskatoon can have neutral site games but with <300000 people it can't go NHL yet.

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