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02-14-2013, 11:20 PM
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Originally Posted by IslesFanatic View Post
Dont tell me who to root for. I have had season tix for a looong time. So dont tell me who and what to root for. I have given this organization a lot of my hard earned money. All I ask in return is to ice a team that can COMPETE on a nightly basis and win. right now, thats not ahppeneing and it hasnt for a long time now. my point and others in here is that we wouldn't blame him if he did. Some here (not you) even wished for a career ending injury? Really? Classy. This kid has the weight of the franchise on his shoulders and yet gets ZERO help from management to succeed. Thats what pisses me off. They don't even try. And if Wang wants to make money he needs to put a product on the ice that people will go see. The real money is made in the second season. Something Isles havent been in in the last 7 YEARS, long time. He wants to make money he needs to ice an NHL team, not an AHL team with an AHL coach. That's a joke.
You don't seem too happy rooting for NYI so why not leave if no hope? How do you expect them to COMPETE and win with the lowest payroll because of the lowest revenue? Your hard earned low money paid doesn't compare with the corporate money that the division corporate teams of Flyers, NYR, Pitt and somewhat NJD make. You have unrealistic expectations.

They lost $16 mil last season and again are the lowest revenue team in the NHL per Forbes. This is with the lowest payroll. Where does this money you expect Wang to spend come from? If NVMC was sold out for 41 games plus 4 rounds of playoffs at box office prices (not discounted get in for a can of peas prices) they’d still lose money with a decent payroll. This is due to limited luxury boxes, club seating and corporate partners/support. There’s no incentive for Wang to spend and no revenue anyway. Can't ice an NHL team on AHL type revenue.

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