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02-15-2013, 12:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Manked View Post
In honesty. I don't think he went in thinking "lets cut the back of his leg open".
You're probably one of those nice guys. Myself, I feel an urge to "react". And although I never had the tendency to use the stick I feel an instinct when I see this to ****in' use it directly on Cooke's own achilles. No way in hell I would try to cut a player. It might be the Pronger incident working its way into the primitive areas of the brains of some players.

The NHL has reacted with fear this would hurt the organisation. You can sense it in TV "professionals" as well who had to react to the incident. That's how man's psyche works. If Zandor Skepsis from Hungary via the Kazachstan's second league did this on Crosby we would have a breakthrough.

Matt Cooke's skates were in the same height through the movement. If he tried to catch Karlsson along the boards the movement would have come later. There were almost no up-down or side to side movement to make this look unintentional. However, there was a small bend of Karlssons foot.

The whole movement reminds of a dog trying to take a piss.

No word on taking a second look. No word on letting the ones who knows the games decide. Where is Brendan Shanahan? Let players become responsible for their skates. Even the NHLPA would agree on this. They could guarantee the part of the player's salary if they want. And, oh. The silence in Pittsburgh...


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